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I just checked a number of Brony funded charities to see how much the fandom has raised for good causes and these are the figures so far:

Michael Morones Recovery Fund: $73,226.00  raised
GiveFoward SUPPORT KIKI'S TREATMENT FUND:$64,123 raised
Seeds of kindness album for the Safe Project Ugandan orphanage:€40,343 ($52,373.28) raised
Brony thank you fund Derpy Hooves Animation Scholarship for the California Institute of the Arts: $50,000 raised 
Seeds of kindness 2 album for the Safe Project Ugandan orphanage:€30,859($40,660.41) raised
Smile album for the children's cancer association: $27,919 raised
Benders vs Bronies for doctors without borders:$25,299.00 raised (A shout out to the air bender fans who donated the other  $8,065.42 to DWB you rock!)
/r/mylittlepony Combined Community Charity Challenge for Direct relief:$21,883.69 raised
The Humble Brony bundle indie game sales for childsplay and the red cross: $21,395.40 raised
Andrea Libman's My Ride to Conquer Cancer fund:$19,630.56 raised
Brony thank you fund fund raiser for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation:$18,960 raised
Seeds of kindness 3 charity album for your siblings Projects: €13644 ($18,399) raised
Lauren Faust sketch auction for the Adams family: $18,000 raised 
EverFree NorthWest fundraisers for Seattle Children's Hospital Greatest Needs fund:$13,535 raised
GalaCon 2013 Brony convention charity auction for the Your Siblings nonprofit organization:11,860 ($15,628.19) raised
WhiteDove-Creations charity auction for a local food pantry:$9,830 raised
las pegasus unicon Bronythankyoufund/Amy Keating Rogers auction for glendale collage view special needs school:$8,477.87
The manliest ponies Mandopony and AcousticBrony manly challenge for Medical Support for BronyGranny and BronyMommy:$6,515 raised
Kiki's cancer treatment birthday fund:€ 6,309.00: ($8,091.09) raised
Fim Kidscape Children's charity Drive:$6,289.59 raised
Evo 2013 fighting game 8th place donation poll for the breast cancer research foundation:$5,280.19 raised
Travelling Pony Museum/ponies live now, art for Africa: $5,053 raised
Operation Sharing Kindness for toys for tots and doctors without borders:$5000 raised
Give forward 2nd Help support Kiki treatment Fund:$3,640 raised
BronyUKCon National Autistic Society fund:£2000 ($3,138.40) raised
Hurricane sandy fundraiser livestream ponies live now:$3045 raised
Brony thank you fund Kiki Havivy fundraiser for the Dana-Farber paediatric Cancer research Institute:$2,515.71
Birdman Dodd and the Slorg charity livestream for Toronto Sick Kids Hospital:$2,060 raised
My Little Brony:Helping is Magic fundraiser for Dearborn County ARC, the special needs children charity: $1,825 raised
MandoPony plays games for the American society for the protection of animals livestream:$1,755 raised
Midwest Bronyfest convention auction for Child's play at children's mercy hospital of Kansas city:$1606 raised poniesforoxygen Gaylene Fox oxygen machine fundraiser:$1,550 raised
Babscon RaiNNmaker foundation fundraiser: $1,337 raised
The manliest brony Sophiecabra Manly challenge for the the Denver Dumb Friends League, $1,220 raised
Manliest Brony BABSCON staff Manly challenge for EverFree radio's Andrew Morales Dental fund:$1,203 raised
48 inch rainbow dash plushie auction for the Toy industry foundation charity:$1,200 raised
The Manliest Brony Cindy Morrow Manly challenge for The Lustgarten Foundation:$1,044 raised
The Manliest Brony Lee Tockar Manly challenge for Foundation Fighting Blindness:$1,025 raised
The Manliest Brony Everfree Northwest staff manly challenge for The Seattle Children's hospital foundation: $1,101 raised 
The manliest Brony Tabitha St Germain manly challenge for The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation: $915 raised
Nicole Oliver signed Princess Celestia poster auction for the IWK Children's Hospital in Halifax: $910 raised
Elements of Charity #2: 581 Euros ($795.41) raised
The Manliest Brony Bronyville Podcast Staff Manly Challenge for ST Judes Children's research hospital:$790 raised
The manliest brony Amy Keating rodgers manly challenge for the College view special needs school:$782 raised
The Manliest Brony Sam Vincent/Matt Hill Manly challenge for AHA foundation-New York:$764 raised
Brony fann fare and friends charity livestream for children's hospitals:$750 raised
The Manliest Brony Maryke Hendikse Manly challenge for Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Cincinnati:$749 raised
The Manliest Brony Steffan Andrews Manly challenge for the American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay:$734 raised
The manliest Brony Nicole oliver Manly challenge for the Heart and stroke Foundation B.C./Yukon chapter:$688 raised 
The manliest Brony Elie Monty Manly challenge for the Crohn's and Colitis Society of America:$680 raised
New Lunar BroNEcast Charity Livestream for operation smile:$666.05 raised
The manliest Brony Micheal Dobson Manly Challenge for the Rare disease foundation:$655 raised
The manliest Brony Ari and Sarah Fader Manly challenge for coalition for the homeless:$650 raised
The Manliest Brony Brent Hodge Manly challenge for the ALS Society of Canada:$640 raised
The manliest Brony Dave Polsky Manly challenge for the Canadian Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan relief: $633 raised
The manliest Brony SnowFlakeIRL Manly challenge for the Orangewood Children's Foundation:$630 raised
The manliest Brony Sabrina "Sibsy" Alberghetti Manly challenge for The British Columbia Society for Children with Disabilities:$628 raised   
The Manliest Brony Bronycan staff Manly challenge for The British Columbia Children's Hospital Foundation:$620 raised
Chords of Chaos charity albums (Chords of Chaos,Wintertime in Canterlot,welcoming spring) for the Your Siblings foundation:$616.29 
The manliest Brony Casey Robbins Manly challenge for UNICEF:$613 raised
The Manliest Brony Tony Fleecs Manly challenge for The Hero initiative: $610 raised
The Manliest Brony Michelle Creber Manly challenge for the Because I'm a girl organisation fund: $600
The Manliest Brony Kelly Metzger Manly challenge for World Wildlife Fund Canada:$600 raised
fighting game Bronies charity livestream: $557 raised
The Manliest Brony Gillian Berrow Manly challenge for Joyful Heart Foundation:$519 raised
The Manliest Brony Dustykat Manly challenge for the march of the Dimes Foundation:$500 raised
Kiki Havivy Birthday memorial fundraiser for the RMHC: $475 raised
Boston Bronies DJ-a-thon for the Greg Hill Foundation:$450 raised
Luna Radio Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund livestream:$425.50 raised
Philly Bronies charity walk for autism :$305 raised
NerdyMind plushie sale for NBCC breast cancer research:$268 raised
Sophillia's plushie sales for Shriners Hospital for Children:$250 raised
BUCK 2012 Eurobeat brony cover art Charity auction purchase for the National Autistic society: £200 ($321.63) raised 
MarePlay UK MCM London Expo Crossdress to impress for the starlight Children's foundation: £58($93.26) raised
UK Ponycon Brittania brushable custom auction for the Riding for the Disabled Association:£50 ($79.95) raised
The Manliest brony Brenda Crichlow Manly challenge for the YWCA of Metro Vancouver:$320 raised 
UK Bronies for Cancer Research:£143.91($230.66) raised
The manliest brony Manly challenge for the Second harvest food bank:$215 raised 
Nicole Oliver Signed principle Celestia figure auction for Mental Fitness Inc:$201 raised.
Dori-to Cycle for hope/Brony charity initiative:$194.77 raised
MareplayUK Soarin prototype blindbag Charity Auction for Starlight children:£97.20 ($156.30) raised
FOB Equestria Cutie Mark ACU pony Patches for The Wounded Warriors Project: $133.97 raised 
"Baby Applejack Auction for the ISPMB equine Charity: $91 raised 
Ponycon 2012 3D Canterlot model auction for the RDA association:£50 ($80.40) raised  
Bronies of Sweden Musikhjälpen charity:$ 44.93 raised
The Manliest Brony Dustykatt Manly challenge for The March of Dimes foundation:$40 raised
Ben Sparrow, Bronies vs cancer: $32 raised
Bearded Brony custom figure sale for Movember and sons men's cancer charity:$24 raised
Bronies for Better Spending toys for tots fund:$20
Nurse Red Heart's Round-Up: 17 litres of blood donated
Nurse Red Heart's round-up 2: 37 litres of blood donated 
Nurse Red Heart's round-up 3: 5.95 Litres of blood donated
Argentine Brony meet up milk donations to a Parque Rivadavia parochial shelter:1000 litres of milk donated.
(currency converted at
Total $587,760.45, 59.5 litres of blood and 1000 litres of milk raised
Celestia's beard this makes me proud of the fandom!

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